18.10.2012 Bobbejaanland is Okidoki
i made a swirled series of drawings while i was upside down and turned around in the attractions of the themepark Bobbejaanland. The drawings will be riso printed and bundled in my new book Okidoki, the cover silkscreened at Frans Masereel Centrum. more infos soon...

Oct.-Nov. 2012, Artists in Residence
I'm living and working in a triangle bungalow of the Frans Masereel Centrum
surrounded by the magic colors of autumn and the darkness of the woods.

6.10.2012, Stadslimiet, Antwerp
bloody hell yes, talking brab and drinking Blut.
presentation of two new publications of Für Dich Verlag:
my "Blut" (book and film) and "Brab" by Jan Matthé
Both are riso-printed in/by St. Lauri.

21.7.- 28.7.2012, Faktor 44, Antwerpen
I'm taking part in a group show together with Lieven Segers, Isabel Tesfazghi and Alison Engels.
Sit in the corner, drink and eat Mossel en Friet,
"Deutscher Käse ist Dreimalig" and even "Viermalig" with Jack Davey

18.5. - 15.6.2012, Okazi Gallery, Berlin
E.T. is a collaboration of Øh1Øm1ke, Yannis Angelopoulos, Laura Arena, Bittertang, Stephanie Homa, TJ Hospodar and me, a group show presented by Lucky Gallery. As human sausages on the cords and some other colorful contributions we were part of the Month Of Performance Art in Berlin.
...and there was also "Deutscher Käse ist Dreimalig" im "Scharfen Eck". messer sharp.

12.5.2012, NICC, Antwerp
It's Clowntime with LVMM, Jack Davey, Kasper, Kati and me! Ohhh yeah!
Are you ready for the Happy Ending!

28.4.2012, HUSK Magazine Summer 2012
Collages of mine are in visual conflict with the photography of Marton Perlaki in the new issue of HUSK magazine S/S 2012. You can get a small inside view here

26.4.2012, Lost Property, Amsterdam
"Marianne" is imbedded in foulards at Lost Property in Amsterdam,
and there will also be a screening of Beyonda - A Journey Into The Darkness

27.04.2012, Project Goleb, Amsterdam
Spinner spinning deadly records at DEATH PARTY at Project Goleb
Ein bisschen Tod muss sein !

21.1.2012, Quartier, Den Haag, 2012
I flute in the mega massa organized by F.L.U.T. it's Instrumental!

phötö by Ültra Eczema with Jack Davey 2012